2009 Domaine Noire Chinon Soif de Tendresse
Last time we were in France we stumbled upon an afternoon program on television that was, unsurprisingly, about food and wine.  (This is France we're talking about.)  Two intrepid reporters were off to discover the "real" Loire Valley and indulge in the region's specialties.  Unsurprisingly (again) Jean-Max Manceau—president of the Chinon growers' association and very long time Chinon winemaker—was the man those reporters found to profile in their search for the perfect Loire moment.

This was the scene.  Jean-Max, with a couple of buddies, enjoying the warm afternoon sun on a boat slowly chugging down the Loire River.  One of the buddies was grilling local sausages over a small grill, fueled by vine wood.  The other buddy was slicing baguettes.  Jean-Max reached over the side of the boat, pulled up a rope that had secured at its end a bottle of his "Soif de Tendresse," now perfectly cooled from the river water, and opened it for the guys. Glasses were filled, a toast was made, and then Jean-Max looked into the camera, and said, "La vie, c'est bon."

Now, does it get any better than that?  Our 2009 selection of Jean-Max's hallmark bottle of Loire sunshine and goodness is about as far away from a suit and tie and responsibility as you can get—and it tastes so good, too.  This is our favorite Cabernet Franc not because it's simple—simple for us means boring and that is definitely NOT what you'll find in this bottle—but because it is so effortlessly pleasurable to drink.  

Jean-Max is an organic guy and makes just a ridiculously small amount of wine each year, and obviously all of it by hand.  Our 2009 selection is pure, fruity, incredibly savory and spicy and ripe—Cabernet Franc with plenty of curves and bright red fruit—without an angle or naughty green pepper in sight. Stock up for summer enjoyment with our case deal, plus free shipping!

Monday, June 20, 2011

Noire Chinon Soif de Tendresse Rouge 2009
Noire Chinon Soif de Tendresse Rouge 2009
France / Loire Valley
This wine has an almost Alice in Wonderland-like enchantment about it; with its lip-smacking, bountiful red fruit and spice, it might as well come with a “Drink Me” label around its neck. Aromas remind of wildflowers and white pepper, with touches of earth...
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