Domaine de Moulines

Mudaison | Provence

From the heady perfume of pine trees in the heat of the summer to the cry of seabirds that remind that the Camargue delta is just minutes away, Domaine de Moulines embodies the soul and seduction of France’s winemaking south.

This generations-old family estate was an abbey in the Middle Ages. With time, this land between the cities of Montpellier and Nîmes evolved into a working farm, with fruit trees and grape vines growing well in the region’s sandy, stony soils.

The Saumade family since 1913 has lived and worked in Mudaison, managing some 120 acres of woodland and vineyards naturally.


The Saumade family practices sustainable farming, following organic principles as much as conditions allow. A coastal area, vineyards benefit from the moderating influence of the Mediterranean sea; cool winds also help to preserve grapes’ acidity. Soils are a combination of limestone, clay and sand.

Grapes are harvested in the early morning, when temperatures are coolest, and are fermented on indigenous yeasts in temperature-controlled, stainless steel tanks. Wine is aged in cement tank for approximately one year.


Pays d'Hérault Syrah-Grenache

An equal blend of Syrah and Grenache, grown under the seductive Mediterranean sun and just a stone’s throw away from the coast. The perfect “petit” red for a lazy afternoon or weekend barbecue.


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Established: 1913
Winemaker: Michel Saumade
Region: France • Provence • Mudaison
Vineyard size: 135 acres


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