Domaine du Dragon

Draguignan | Provence

High up in the hills of southern France, above the Côte d’Azur and the crowds at Cannes, you’ll find the cool, terraced vineyards of Domaine du Dragon. The estate’s curiously chalky soils and high-altitude perch translate into wines both refined and complex, and that still offer exceptional value for their peerless quality.

While much of Provence is a patchwork of different terroirs, this corner near the town of Draguignan is unique in that it is nearly all limestone, more commonly found in places like Burgundy. Cooling winds whip through the forested valleys to moderate the southern sun, so grapes are not only perfectly ripe but also balanced.

Yet Provence would not be Provence without rosé, and it’s here where Dragon sets itself apart from the pack of tourist-pleasing (and often overpriced) pinks. The area’s chalky soul and cool character is expressed clearly in Dragon’s lively blend.


Many of Domaine du Dragon’s vineyard terraces were replanted in the 1990s (in addition to the estate’s cellars being modernized) to improve clonal selection, vine density and the mix of grape varieties. Soils are rich in gravel and limestone, unusual terroir for the region.

Vines have been always cared for sustainably, following organic practices. As of the 2023 harvest, the estate is certified organic. 

Grapes are harvested by hand and fermented on indigenous yeasts in temperature-controlled, stainless steel tanks.

Côtes de Provence Rosé ‘Grande Cuvée’

A heady, medium-bodied blend of southern red grapes, suitable for spicy foods as well as rich barbecue. Crafted as a rosé de pressurage (red grapes are pressed, extracting from the grapes’ skins a delicate blush color) with aromas of wild garrigue and summer berries. Our favorite go-to pink for the table during the summer!



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Established: 1990s
Winemaker: Aurelien Fournier
Region: France • Provence • Draguignan
Vineyard size: 60 acres


Domaine du Dragon Provence France