Cantina Ostro

Prata di Pordenone | Friuli

The vines of Friuli are charmed. Cooling winds from the nearby Alps keep summer temperatures at bay; richly mineral soils are the legacy of ancient glaciers that carved each verdant valley and smoothed each rocky plain.

Yet it is the playful Ostro, the south wind that travels from the Adriatic Sea with its fresh, sea-salty tang, that encourages Glera’s lively flavors and vibrant citrus tones.

We looked far and wide for a Prosecco that would impress, and found it here in its native land, Friuli.

An exclusive selection to North Berkeley Imports, Ostro is refined, vinous Prosecco to enjoy whenever the spirit moves you.


The estate practices sustainable farming, taking care to maintain a balance at all times between their vines and the surrounding environment. Vineyards follow the course of the Livenza River; here soils combine not only the typical alluvial gravel of the Grave appellation but also significant deposits of clay and limestone, unique in the region. The Alps to the northeast provide cooling winds in summer as does the Adriatic Sea to the south. Days are long and sunshine abundant, helping grapes reach perfect maturity.

Grapes are harvested by hand, and pressed under gas to prevent oxydation and keep fruit aromas fresh. Secondary fermentation happens in tank (Charmat method); wines are aged for three months on fine lees.


Prosecco Brut

A light and lively, full-flavored Prosecco that’s wonderfully dry and zippy. The true home of the Glera grape is Friuli, which is why the most authentic and delicious Prosecco wines hail from this region at the foothills of the Alps! Just four grams residual sugar; a gorgeous sparkler to enjoy throughout a meal.



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Prosecco Rosé Extra Brut

In 2020, the Prosecco “consorzio” or governing body approved a new designation (DOC) for Prosecco Rosé, which previously was bottled as “vino spumante di qualità.” Problem was, those wines could include grapes from anywhere in Italy. Now, a bottle of Prosecco Rosé is equally about Friuli terroir and its native grapes as it is pink and a pleasure to sip! A blend of Glera (Prosecco’s white grape) and Pinot Nero, this extra brut sparkler is racy and refined, full of wild strawberry and red currant energy and perfect as an afternoon aperitif.



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Pinot Nero Rosé Spumante

Made from 100% Pinot Noir grapes grown on Friuli’s peerless, rocky terroir — lots of spice and silk and tons of fun, too. Ideal as an aperitif or with regional salumi (a must-have with fried seafood!)



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Established: 2012
Winemaker:  Giovanni Ruzzene
Region: Italy • Friuli • Prata di Pordenone
Vineyard size: 37 acres


Domaine Vincent Dureuil Janthial Burgundy France