Villa Varda

Prata di Pordenone | Friuli

To the northeast, the towering Alps; to the south, the placid Adriatic Sea. The Maccan family couldn’t have found a more charmed spot to cultivate Friuli’s native grapes.

Here along the banks of the Livenza river in the foothills of the Alps, the classic stones of Grave mix with limestone, giving a Burgundian finesse to grapes such as Friulano and Refosco.

We came looking for a fresh take on Friuli’s bounty and found it at the sixteenth-century estate of Villa Varda. The estate has worked hard to preserve the spirit of its humble agricultural roots; indeed, a “warda” – pronounced varda – was a lookout in the hills for peasants tending to the stony land, a place of refuge from the elements.

Today with some 37 acres planted to Friuli’s native grapes, the Maccan family crafts character-rich single varietal wines that effortlessly reflect the breathtaking beauty of this mountain refuge.


The Maccan family practices sustainable farming, taking care to maintain a balance at all times between their vines and the surrounding environment. Vineyards follow the course of the Livenza River; here soils combine not only the typical alluvial gravel of the Grave appellation but also significant deposits of clay and limestone, unique in the region. The Alps to the northeast provide cooling winds in summer as does the Adriatic Sea to the south. Days are long and sunshine abundant, helping grapes reach perfect maturity.

Grapes are harvested by hand. Both red and white wines are fermented on indigenous yeasts in temperature-controlled, stainless steel tanks, and aged in tank.

Friuli Friulano

Tangy citrus flavors and punchy green apple aromas: aging on fine lees gives this Friulano an extra layer of silk on the palate. All tank made.


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Friuli Pinot Bianco

Peachy, fruity and wonderfully suave. A medium-bodied yet refreshing white that its a required pairing with Thai-inspired seafood or light curries.


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Friuli Pinot Grigio

More than a step above most Pinot Grigio wines on the market; this gem showcases Friuli’s mountain grape in its true form, with abundant wildflower aromas and tangy white fruits on the palate.


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Friuli Sauvignon

Sancerre by way of the Alps? This pure Sauvignon Blanc channels the stony energy of Friuli’s mineral-rich soils for a white that’s ripe and suave, wonderfully refreshing and a perfect companion for spring’s early bounty. 




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Friuli Grave Cabernet Franc

Light violets, red plums, a shake of peppery spice. All tank-made so every bit of ripe fruit shines through. A gorgeous red that drinks well with a light chill.


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Friuli Grave Refosco

This dark-skinned grape, native to the region, reaches its apogee in the foothills of the Alps; brimming with silky tannins and summer berries, this tank-made Refosco delivers endless pleasure.


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Established: 2012
Winemaker: Giovanni Ruzzene
Region: Italy • Friuli • Prata di Pordenone
Vineyard size: 37 acres


Domaine Vincent Dureuil Janthial Burgundy France