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Vinon | Sancerre

Winemaker Éric Louis can follow his roots in Sancerre as far back as 1860, when his great-grandmother Pauline was an early pioneer in tending vines and bottling her own wines. Her hard work inspired each succeeding generation here in the Loire Valley, so much so that “Les Celliers de la Pauline” have rightfully earned a place in Sancerrois history.

The Loire’s leading white grape, Sauvignon Blanc, of course has remained the family’s passion through the years. Today Éric, representing the family’s fourth generation, cares for some 30 acres of hillside vineyards in the village of Vinon, southeast of Sancerre, for his Domaine Curot wines.

CAVE DE GORTONA: Éric Louis’ exploration of greater Loire terroir brought him to Saint-Thibault, north of the village of Sancerre, to found Cave de Gortona. Here on the banks of the Loire, traces of an ancient Roman settlement point to an extensive viticultural history. Great terroir indeed! Here Sauvignon Blanc grows on alluvial soils, just outside the Sancerre appellation boundaries, fresh and refined and lively — offering excellent value for the quality. See below for our selections from Cave de Gortona.


The team at Domaine Curot cares for vines sustainably, avoiding treatments and adhering to organic practices as much as possible. Beneficial herbs are planted between vine rows to help prevent erosion and contribute needed nutrients to the soils.

The vineyards in Vinon, southeast of Sancerre, are located on the region’s rolling hills, alternating with forest and fields of cereal. Soils are mostly a combination of clay and limestone, with flint.

Grapes are sorted both in the fields and the cellar, pressed then fermented on selected yeasts in temperature-controlled stainless steel tanks, and aged on fine lees. The estate follows the lunar calendar to determine optimal times to move or bottle the wines. No sulfur is adding during vinification, and only a very small amount at bottling. Wines are lightly filtered.


Sancerre Blanc

An expressive, lively Sancerre Blanc that captures everything we love about Sauvignon Blanc from this historic region in the Loire Valley! Limes and lemons, crushed oyster shells, a dash of white pepper, plenty of ripe yet balanced white fruit. Very fine.



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Releases from CAVE DE GORTONA

Sauvignon Blanc

So fresh, so good. Pure Sauvignon Blanc grown on alluvial soils near the banks of the Loire River close to the village of Saint-Thibault, a spot where ancient Roman ruins today show that even in antiquity, this region was prized for its perfect terroir and excellent wines. All tank made.



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Pinot Noir

Pinot Noir shines on the richly mineral soils outside of Sancerre, and is the region’s red wine (and value) secret! This fruity, summer-ripe red is grown on the banks of the Loire River in Saint-Thibault, a spot where ancient Roman ruins show that even in antiquity, this region was prized for its terroir. All tank made.



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Established: 1860
Winemakers: Éric Louis
Region: France • Loire Valley • Vinon (Sancerre)
Vineyard size: 30 acres


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