Domaine Pierre Cherrier et Fils

Chaudoux | Loire Valley
The Cherrier family has been a trusted name in Sancerre since the late 1800s. Here in Chaudoux, north of the village of Sancerre proper, Sauvignon Blanc is equally in its element: soils are a refined mix of flint and chalk, a terroir marriage that makes the best Sancerre so vibrant.

The estate founder, Maurice, planted some of the first vines in the village. His son, Pierre, took over in the 1960s and expanded the family holdings to some 35 acres of prime vineyard land. Today it is Pierre’s sons, François and Jean-Marie, who have taken winemaking at this generations-deep family estate to a whole new level, with terroir-true wines that are stunning values for their high quality.

The jewel in the family’s crown is ‘Croix Poignant,’ a single-vineyard selection of older Sauvignon Blanc vines. Separately, the brothers (under another label; see wine list) have captured a picture-perfect example of this native Loire grape in a new selection from Menetou-Salon.


The family tends some 35 acres of vineyard land in and around the village of Chaudoux, north of the village of Sancerre. The estate practices sustainable farming, using organic treatments when needed.

Soils represent a classic Sancerre mix of flint, plus clay and chalk, the “terres blanches” which are believed to contribute to Sancerre’s racy profile and sea-salty minerality.

Grapes are harvested by hand. Wines are fermented on indigenous yeasts in temperature-controlled stainless steel tanks, and aged on fine lees.

The ‘croix poignant’ is a monument to a general from the Napoleonic era. While not the “official” name of a vineyard, it is long-established tradition that the family identifies this particularly chalk-rich plot with this name.

Sancerre Blanc ‘La Croix Poignant’
This single-vineyard selection highlights the region’s “terres blanches,” soils that mix chalk and flint, which are widely held to be the best of the best when it comes to Sancerre. You can taste the sea salt, smell the crushed oyster shells and savor the citrus-bright energy and suave texture with each and every sip.


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Sancerre Rosé ‘La Croix Poignant’
Grown on the same “terres blanches” soils that contribute energy and a saline edge to the estate’s Sancerre Blanc, this 100% Pinot Noir blush wine is exceptional and also very rare. Aged in tank. Red berries, wild strawberries, red plums, spice.



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Sancerre Rouge

The Cherrier family doesn’t have many vineyards planted to Pinot Noir (some 15% of their production) yet what they do tend is all older-vine and stupendous, with terroir that sings of the mineral intensity and plush complexity of the very best in Sancerre Rouge. Red and black cherries, red plums, a shake of spice and crushed stones — serve this gem with a slight chill in the summer or cozy up in the winter with a glass and a wild mushroom stew.


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Also from the Cherrier family…
Domaine Les Chezeaux Menetou-Salon
Sauvignon Blanc from Menetou-Salon, a small appellation west of Sancerre proper, takes on a more refined, herbal character with a lacy, lighter texture on the tongue. Soils are similar to Sancerre, a mix of clay and limestone. Think of it as Sancerre by way of Puligny-Montrachet.


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Established: 1927
Winemaker: François and Jean-Marie Cherrier (brothers)
Region: France • Loire Valley • Chaudoux
Vineyard size: 35 acres


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