Fief Noir

Saint Lambert du Lattay | Anjou | Loire Valley

One of the more dynamic winemaking teams in the Anjou today is the partnership of Dominique Sirot and Alexis Soulas at Fief Noir.

In medieval times, a fief was a piece of property owned by a noble who granted rights to its use, often in exchange for allegiance or payments. Here in the heart of Anjou “noir,” where dark, schist-rich soils provide first-rate terroir for Chenin Blanc, raw nature is the overlord, demanding both faith and fealty each growing season.

This northern climate requires a more symbiotic approach to winemaking, a tacit understanding between the soils and the souls that till it, and the team at Fief Noir exhibits how deep their knowledge is with each bottle. These are wines that are vivacious and pure, honest in their depiction of the true character of each grape and irresistible in their aromatic clarity and flavorful power.

Dominique and Alexis spent years working the sun-challenged lands of Corsica together, and ventured forth with a vast comprehension of how grape vines adapt amid an ever-changing climate. Their mutual passion for the vibrancy and energy of Loire wines inspired them to head north and pursue their own project.

In 2014, they discovered an estate for sale in Saint Lambert du Lattay with impeccable terroir, the true “black soils” of Anjou, the same mineral vein that feeds Savennières and the world’s greatest Chenin Blanc wines. From day one they chose organic and biodynamics to guide their collective hands, a philosophy and practice based above all on respect – for the soil and the vines, for the team they trust to work these fields and for you, the wine lover, charmed by these honest flavors of Anjou.

While Chenin has pride of place here, including bold, ageworthy single-vineyard terroir selections and a skin-contact Chenin, Fief Noir has also embraced Anjou’s rich palette of native red grapes to showcase as single-varietal wines. Grolleau and Pineau d’Aunis dazzle with their delicate aromas and poignant berry flavors; while Cabernet Franc delivers cut and juicy persistence, a joy in the glass.


The estate comprises around 75 acres of land in Anjou “noir,” a region near Angers, known for its rich and dark schist soils. Half of the estate’s production is white grapes, a majority of Chenin Blanc, grown primarily on schist soils.

Red grapes cultivated include Cabernet Franc, Grolleau, Pineau d’Aunis, Cabernet Sauvignon and Gamay on a range of terroirs, planted according to soil composition and its suitability for each grape varietal. All vines are encouraged to develop deep root systems through diligent soil maintenance, to ensure vine health amid climate stresses. Beneficial herbs are planted between rows, to increase biodiversity and further protect the soils.

All vineyards are tended according to organic and biodynamic practices. The estate is certified organic.

Wines are made as naturally as possible, with no additives and only moderate amounts of added sulfites. The team works to “bring out the terroir, the flow of sap right into the glass,” winemaker Dominique Sirot explains.

All grapes are harvested by hand, an exceptional qualitative step for an estate of this size. Wines are fermented on indigenous yeasts in temperature-controlled tanks, either steel or concrete. Depending on the wine, aging occurs in tank or neutral clay containers (either jars or amphora) or older oak barrels. Reds are bottled unfined and unfiltered; whites may be lightly filtered.


Pétillant naturel 'O Temps suspend ton vol'

A pure Chenin Blanc sparkling wine, crafted in the “ancestral method,” in which a wine is fermented almost dry then bottled, leaving a touch of residual sugar and yeast in the bottle to naturally create a delicate effervescence (“pet-nat.”) “O Temps…” is extra brut, with a thrilling stony intensity and full-bodied floral energy, waves of stone fruits and small red berries, wonderfully complex and pure.  The wine’s name comes from a line in the poem, “The Lake” by French poet Alphonse de Lamartine (1790-1869) from his collection, Méditations poétiques. It describes a desire to stop time and savor moments of beauty and love, before they are lost.

Ô temps ! suspends ton vol, et vous, heures propices !
Suspendez votre cours :
Laissez-nous savourer les rapides délices
Des plus beaux de nos jours !


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Anjou Blanc 'L'Echappee'

Pure pleasure, from the first stone-fruit rich sip to the final drop in the bottle. Glorious Chenin Blanc with grip and soul, endless juicy fruit and so much energy. This is the bottle that will let you “escape” it all! What an overachiever, what a golden draught of pleasure for any occasion.


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Anjou Blanc 'Bonnes Blanches'

‘Bonnes Blanches’ is legendary terroir in the heart of Anjou, an area blessed with pure black schist soils that has been planted to vines as far back as the Middle Ages. This is world-class Chenin with punch and staying power, incredible depth and persistence. A touch of the tropical mixes with a basket of stone fruits and peppery nuance, silky and substantial, with grip and structure without end. A glorious wine to discover in a few years, if you can keep your hands off it today.


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Anjou Blanc 'Cartelles'

Another glorious single-vineyard selection, sandy soils uncommon for the area mix with the black schist of Anjou for a unique Chenin Blanc full of sun and silk. Ribbons of velvety fruit and crushed stone energy; a wine that reveals a new face the longer it sits in the glass. What a treasure in Chenin Blanc!


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Anjou Blanc 'Contact' (skin-contact orange wine)

A gorgeous “orange” wine, a month-long maceration gives this pure Chenin Blanc its sunny amber hue and intense orange peel aromas. Savory, almost salty, with lush stone fruits and great acidic balance. A welcome companion at the table.


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Coteau du Layon 1er Cru 'La Mignonne'

Few wines are more enchanting than a great Coteaux du Layon — this sweet wine from 100% boytritized fruit is succulent and silky, with stupendous energy and freshness in each honeyed sip. Grab yourself a wedge of Roquefort and indulge.


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Anjou Rouge 'Somnambule'

A captivating combination of Cabernet Franc and Grolleau, chock-full of summer berry energy and profoundly juicy fruit. Spice and herbs, a waterfall of cherry and plum perfection. A seriously overachieving Anjou Rouge you’ll want as your new house red.


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Val de Loire 'Cocagne' (Grolleau)

This rare, 100% Grolleau wine is a delicious treat and a revelation in its own right — lively red berries and peppery kick, thirst-quenching through and through. A delightful spring sipper or companion for all sorts of summer snacks.


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Val de Loire 'Revolution' (Pineau d'Aunis)

Red plums and white pepper, summer berries galore — another rare singular focus on an enchanting Loire red grape that seldom gets a chance to shine as a varietal wine. Supple, juicy and so satisfying! A real discovery in Loire reds, and a must-have once you’ve savored its red-fruited, wildflower verve.


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Established: 2014
Winemakers: Dominique Sirot & Alexis Soulas
Region: France • Loire Valley • Anjou • Saint Lambert du Lattay
Vineyard size: 75 acres


Domaine Fief Noir Anjou