Rosé Wine For Thanksgiving? Yes, Please

Sep 28, 2016

John Tilson of the Underground Wineletter named rosé wines from both Francois Cotat and Chateau de Pibarnon as “some of the best young rosés” he’s ever tasted. To wit:

I think that after tasting over 100 2015 rosés (most of which I also drank) I would have to say that this vintage has produced some of the best young rosés I have ever tasted, and the quality across the board is quite remarkable. And, with our current warm weather which typically lasts through Thanksgiving, we will be enjoying many more 2015 rosés in the coming months.

Rosé on your Thanksgiving table? Absolutely! The more full-bodied, spicy character of both Pinot Noir (Cotat) and Mourvedre (Pibarnon) rosé makes such wines very flexible, able to pair with a wide range of holiday dishes. We’ve still a few cases of 2015 rosé in Berkeley; contact a sales rep for more!

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