Sarrazin Burgundy Deemed A Winner For Journalist Dinner

Jan 8, 2019

A huge table full of TV personalities, journalists and business leaders, and the wine list falls in your lap. What would you do? The quick-thinking James Nokes of Illinois’ Daily Chronicle took a chance with a bottle of Burgundy, and he was rewarded for it. Of course, that bottle was from our partners Domaine Sarrazin, the Givry ‘Sous la Roche.’

Nokes describes the wine’s “…wet leaves, black tea, dried violets and blackberry” aromas, going on to say that “It’s a potent mix that is the opening act for a wine with a bold elegance.” We couldn’t agree more!

Thank you Mr. Nokes for a great article about one of our favorite producers in the Cote Chalonnaise. Read the full article here

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