Chablis’ Marie-Ange Robin A Female Grower Pioneer

Jan 6, 2020

Not so long ago, a woman heading a winery in France was a rare occurrence. Tradition, as well as outmoded ideas of what constituted women’s work, had limited the ambitions of daughters across many of France’s historic wine regions.

Yet times are changing for the better, as a new generation of women are taking control and leading the industry to even higher heights. In this recent Forbes article, our partner Marie-Ange Robin is profiled as one of a growing number of female winemakers in Chablis who are setting a new level of quality for the region. Marie-Ange took over from her father, Guy Robin, as his health deteriorated; today she’s making excellent, terroir-true Chablis wines that we are very proud to represent in the United States. 

Read more about Marie-Ange here in the article as well as discover the other female talents in Chablis!

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