Food & Wine: Keep Drinking Egly-Ouriet All Year Long

Jan 7, 2016

Egly Ouriet Les Vignes de Vrigny Premier Cru Champagne

Food & Wine’s Ray Isle says there’s no reason to stop drinking French Champagne after the New Year. In fact, fine Champagne can and should be enjoyed the year round! Among leading wines from estates such as Bollinger and Charles Heidsieck, Isle also recommends our partner Domaine Egly-Ouriet‘s peerless ‘Les Vignes de Vrigny,’ a 100% Pinot Meunier Champagne. An excerpt of the blog post is below; here’s the link to the original article.

Why You Should Keep Drinking Champagne After New Year’s

By Ray Isle, January 6, 2016


Champagne sales skyrocket up to seven times the usual during the week preceding New Year’s Eve, but what I want to know is what happens the next week? Actually, I do know: They fall off a cliff. This is wrong. In fact, if there’s one thing New Year’s Eve celebrations should tell us—besides that kissing the wrong person at midnight can lead to all sorts of problems—it’s that Champagne is so delightful that we’d be nuts to stop drinking it just because the party is over.


So my suggestion, now that we’re a week into 2016, is to keep drinking Champagne. Drink it with dinner; drink it with lunch; shoot, drink it with breakfast if you feel like it. And to help out with choices, here are five recent winners from the F&W Tasting Room.


NV Egly Ouriet Le Vignes de Vrigny 1er Cru ($85) A rare Champagne made solely from Pinot Meunier, this seductive, pear-inflected bottling comes from a single plot of 40-plus-year-old vines on the Petite Montagne de Reims.

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